Borkum at the centre

of the offshore parks

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In the past few years, numerous powerful offshore wind farms have been built near the North Sea island of Borkum, increasingly placing the island at the centre of Western Europe's energy supply.

Due to its ideal location in the offshore wind power generation region, Borkum has created the North Sea Windport, which guarantees excellent accommodation, short working distances, sufficient storage capacity and comprehensive service.

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"Renewable energies not only enable innovation at a high technical level, they also open up new fields of work for traditional industries, secure jobs in the long term, creating new opportunities and advancing climate protection in a targeted manner". Jens Eckhoff, President of the Foundation Offshore Wind Energy

The location

Located around 55 kilometres off the German North Sea coast, the North Sea island of Borkum is ideally qualified as a supply and reaction port for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Der größte Teil des Hafens befindet sich in kommunalem Eigentum und kann zur logistischen Service- und Betriebsstation für die Offshore-Windparks ausgebaut werden.

The island on the Outer Ems is located directly in the centre of offshore wind energy in the Borkum cluster. In a distance of 45 to 100 km, the largest offshore parks are being built in the North Sea with a planned 1,300 wind turbines.

Due to the location, both material and personnel can be transported quickly and cost-efficiently to the spot.

Infografik - Quelle: Stiftung OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE (Stand: 31.12.2020)